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Incredebooks- Bringing Fairytales to Life

Incredebooks- Bringing Fairytales to Life

At a time when digital books and mobile games are quickly replacing hardcover books, Incredebooks is preserving the habit of reading storybooks among kids of today’s generation. The best thing about Incredebooks is that they have combined the traditional storybook with the latest mobile technologies to create a unique reading experience for the user.  Kids and parents alike will not only be able to read the story but also visualize them with the help of augmented reality (AR) apps that work for both iOS and Android devices.

Funny Fable Book Series

The Incredebooks Funny Fables AR book series contain four hardcover books which provide fairytale classics in a re-imagined version. Each book contains an included companion app which will extend the experience into a digital world. Certain pages of the books are highlighted and will bring the characters to life when the companion AR apps are activated. If you want to buy the hardcover books today, you have to shop online. However, the books will soon be available in retail stores.

The Three Little Pigs Re-imagined hardcover book is available at http://incredebooks.myshopify.com

With Incredebooks Funny Fables AR book series, parents will have a fun new way to share classic stories with their kids.

Features of the Incredebooks

Some amazing features of the Incredebooks make them different from other hardcover books.

  • Readers will be able to explore 4 different digital experiences that are merged with the storyline.
  • Your fairytale book comes to life with beautiful 3D depictions.
  • There are zoom and rotation features that let the reader explore the AR scenes even further.
  • The books also have custom music for the AR scenes along with magical sound effects.
  • There is also specially gated access to a parent’s section.

How to Bring the Fairytales to Life?

To fully experience the fun and excitement, users will have to get hold of the hardcover books as well as download the companion apps to a mobile device. While reading the stories, look for the specially highlighted pages, hold your device over them and the characters will come to life. Parents and their kids will be amazed by the beautiful digital enhancements to the story.

Four Augmented Reality Apps

Users will have to pair the related apps with the respective books in the Funny Fable series so that the stories come to life. Currently there are four AR apps that can be downloaded for free from iTunes as well as the Google Play Store. The apps include:

  • The Three Little Pigs – Reimagined
  • Jack and the Beanstalk – Reimagined
  • Little Red Riding Hood – Reimagined
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Reimagined

Call it nostalgic but the whole Incredebooks Funny Fables series stand up to any kids storybook and can be read on their own without any apps. But, if you want to get the full interactive experience, download these apps and use them along with the books.

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