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The Impact of Geotagging in Mobile Marketing

The Impact of Geotagging in Mobile Marketing

Geotagging and mobile technology has made life incredibly and undeniably easy. Finding places, restaurants and stores was never this easy. Imagine the time when people used compasses and maps to get places! Our generation, on the other hand, is now living in complete obliviousness of such efforts, thanks to the smart technologies like geotagging.

This technology allows people to locate places around them using geographical metadata that consists of longitude and latitude. You can never go wrong there! The mobile device in coordination of geotagging technology pulls information about your surrounding environment instantly and displays the same on the device. You can see traces of geotagging almost everywhere. Besides, more and more companies are developing new mobile apps to help users know what’s around them.

In fact, the geotagging phenomenon has been integrated to our everyday lives. Many of the tech giants are using geotagging for local based marketing. The marketing companies understand the power of smartphones. They are our loyal companions and to leverage upon its power, many companies are putting location-based marketing on map. For example, Facebook offers geotagging by allowing the users to let their friends know where they are at a particular time. It even allows users to share the places they have just checked-in. Yelp too enable geotagging to help their customers to find a nearby place to eat. Besides, they provide step-be-step directions to help you reach the said destination.

The reason why geotagging is becoming so popular for brands and companies is that the technology helps them to maximize their ROI by allowing them to target their audience selectively according to specific data such as location and demographics.

And all these can be done in minutes. However, the company needs to set up a QR code, which after scanned by a smartphone or tablet takes the user to a page providing information they are looking for including the location of the store. Businesses can also use this page as an Online Sign-up Page to help users get exclusive coupons and deals. The customer-provided information serves as valuable insights while creating targeted marketing campaigns based on location and demographics. This is just an example. The best part of geotagging is that it is not depended on a smartphone. Any mobile user can leverage upon this technology. With the help of mobile keyword capture, businesses can reach out to any mobile phone user through text-messaging technology.

The future of located-based marketing with geotagging technology looks indeed promising. It can help any business to create a cutting-edge marketing campaign with the right insight, tool and creativity.

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