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CocoJet, 3d chocolate printer

3D Systems Showcases new 3D Printers at CES 2015

3D Systems, the 3D printing company has brought a whole lot of innovations at this year’s International CES. At the press conference that...

SmartBox 3D Printer

Turn your Imagination into Reality with SmartBox 3D Printer

The number of 3D printers that the users can choose from is increasing with each passing day. Now SmartBox Lab has started a crowd-sourcing...

3D Printed Gardens by Yuichiro Takeuchi

Make your City Green with 3D Printed Gardens

Yuichiro Takeuchi, a computer scientist working with Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc. has taken the initiative to turn a barren city...


Printoo Brings 3D Printed Objects to Life

The best thing about Printoo is that it comes with a set of printed electronics modules, which were not available to the public previously.

3D printing pen from LIX

Coming Soon on Kickstarter- World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen

3D printing pens are used to create drawings in the air. Tangible drawings can be made with the gestures that we humans make while talking,...

3D Printed Skull

Dutch Woman Gets 3D Printed Replica of Skull

3D printing is increasingly making its presence felt in various areas, especially in the medical field. After 3D printed ears and heart, it...


3D Printers Find its Use in Dentistry

3D printers can be used by dentists to create dentures, models, braces, and implants, without gels and pastes that are generally used by...

3D Printed Clothes

3D Printed Clothes Make their Debut in New York Fashion Week

The New York Fashion Week which was conducted from 6th February till 13th February saw the introduction of printed clothing for the first...

3D Printing Applications

5 Industries that will be Disrupted by 3D Printing

Even though 3D printing is currently used for creating prototypes, in the coming years, 3D printers will be used increasingly in various...


3D Printing of Human Organs: Will It Trigger An Ethical Debate?

3D printing is making rapid advancement and this technology is now being widely used in various areas.