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3D Printing Might Now Come to Metals

3D Printing Might Now Come to Metals

3D printing of plastics is now a common thing. However, 3D printing of metals was not possible until now. But it seems this impossibility...

3D-Printed Beak Gives Sea Turtle a New Lease of Life

3D-Printed Beak Gives Sea Turtle a New Lease of Life

A sea turtle in Turkey was almost killed when a boat propeller hit it. The poor animal’s part of lower and upper jaw was crushed which...

3D printed smartphone cases

3D Printing Gives Rise to DIY Consumers

3D printing has gained immense popularity in recent years. The use of 3D printers is gradually moving from commercial to personal use....

3D Printed Artifacts

Add a Classy Touch to your Room with 3D Printed Artifacts

If you are planning for a makeover of your room and want to add a classy and elegant touch to it, what could be better than having a few...

3d printed Skylanders Prototypes

3D Printing Helps Create Skylanders Prototypes

The Skylanders franchise of Toys for Bob is using 3D printing to bring about an innovation so that it can be different from other video...

PiKon- The 3D Printed Telescope

3D Printed Telescope Snaps First Photos of Space

3D printing has improved significantly and now a 3D printed telescope has been used to click the very first photos of space. The telescope...


Printoo Brings 3D Printed Objects to Life

The best thing about Printoo is that it comes with a set of printed electronics modules, which were not available to the public previously.

3D Printed Facemasks for footballers

3D Printed Facemasks- Latest Fashion Accessory for Footballers

Flashy sports cars, bright colored boots and goal celebrations have now given way to a new fashion trend among footballers- protective...