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Ferrari's Latest AR App Lets You Virtually Design Your Car

Ferrari’s Latest AR App Lets You Virtually Design Your Car

Buying a Ferrari will now become easier, thanks to augmented reality technology. Ferrari has brought this technology in its showrooms to...

Pacha's Pajamas

Pajamas Gets Interactive with Pachamas

Children’s entertainment is changing with the development of new technologies. In this technology-driven culture it is necessary for the...

Augmented Reality Sweets- Maynards Discovery Patch

Maynards to Launch Augmented Reality Sweets- Discovery Patch

Augmented reality in tourism, education, medicine and now sweets! It seems that AR is reaching in different areas. Maynards, the sweets...

Valpak Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Experience through 3D Images

Coupons are arriving in a big way and this time with a serious dose of the newest retail trend – augmented reality. With the AR...