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Google Glass Competitor: Epson Moverio Glasses

The second generation of Moverio smart glasses which was unveiled by Epson America at the 2014 International CES is going to prove to be a...

Atheer augmented reality glasses

Touch the Digital World with 3D Augmented Reality Glasses

You will be able to touch the digital world with 3D augmented reality glasses, which are going to be launched by Atheer Labs.

Google Glass app

iOS version for Google Glass app finally Available to Users

Soon after the launch of the iOS version this week, Google removed this app from the App Store citing certain issues.

Google Glass Update

Google Glass Update: Snap a Picture with Just a Wink

Google Glass has made an upgrade to its current version, just in time for the New Year. Among many updates, one update allows users of...

Google-Glass and augmented reality

Google Glass: The Gold Rush Creating New Business Opportunities

Google Glass allows users to interact with their daily lives in a unique way. And its groundbreaking applications have amazing potentials.

Samsung Electronic Eyewear

Samsung Files Patent for Electronic Eyewear

The design patent shows that the electronic device is a spectacle and it has been categorized as “sports glasses”.

Wearable Device and augmented reality

The Potential of Wearable Device and Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality apps and wearable devices are emerging as the two most interesting developments in the world of mobile computing.

castAR Augmented Reality Goggles

Explore the Virtual World with Augmented Reality Goggles

This augmented reality system has been integrated in a pair of glasses and it projects 3D holograms as the wearer points it at a specially...


Augmented Reality for Victoria Secret to Boost Holiday Sales

Victoria’s Secret, the largest U.S. retailer of lingerie, is implementing augmented reality experience to drive up sales during the...


Asda features Halloween Hunt using Augmented Reality

Asda has renewed their partnership with Zappar before Halloween to keep up with the mobile marketing push during the holiday season.