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Spectapp-augmented-reality platform

Coperon Technologies Teams Up with Spectapp

With this technology, layers of digital information in the form of videos, audios, or photos are added on top of the physical world items...

Internet of Things

User Experience Enhances with IoT, Sensor Fusion and Augmented Reality

The three markets- Augmented reality, sensor fusion and the Internet of Things when combined together will create a domestic environment...

Air Puzzle Augmented Reality

Reach Out and Touch a Star with Air Puzzle

The game uses computer vision to track a user's movements and video overlays to make it appear that tiles are floating in the air around...

IBM Augmented Reality Mobile App

Tesco Uses IBM Augmented Reality Mobile App for Shelf Stacking

IBM is collaborating with Tesco, one of the leading retailers of the world to ensure that its in-store displays are arranged according to...


Travelling Made Easy with WAM- An Augmented Reality App

The ‘World Around Me’ (WAM) is an augmented reality app which can help you navigate unfamiliar places easily. It has proved to a hit...


Augmented Reality App Launched By Peugeot

Peugeot, the French car brand has recently unveiled an augmented reality app which will help car owners to know more about their cars.


SunHud: An Augmented Reality Sundial

The SunHud app had been updated last year in December. It is an innovative augmented reality sundial which is really easy to use.


Alive Studio- A Self-Service Augmented Reality Platform

Times Internet has announced the launch of a self-service augmented reality platform which is an extension of the existing AR app Alive.


Streetmuseum Augmented Reality App Takes You to Old London

The updated version of the app, Streetmuseum 2.0, overlaps historic photographs across the scene the user is currently looking at. This is...


Augmented Reality Might Ease Phantom Limb Pain of Amputees

It seems that augmented reality has been put to use for another meaningful purpose. This technology might turn out to be helpful for...