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AR Platform for Sales Persons

Augment Provides AR Platform for Sales Persons

Augment, a startup based in Paris has created an augmented reality app for the sales people. They have raised $1.5 million for the...

Metaio and Toywheel -AR Toys Competition

Metaio and Toywheel Teams up to Unveil “AR Toys Competition”

A global “AR Toys Competition” has been launched by Metaio and Toywheel together, where it shows how the world of today‘s kids, have...


Augment Your Reality with the SeeThru Headset

The SeeThru headset is definitely a competition for Google Glass but the augmented reality projection is a bit different from it.

Catchoom augmented reality

Create Augmented Reality Content with Catchoom CraftAR

Catchoom has launched a new tool which can help businesses to create AR content without any difficulty.

augmented reality technology

Augmented Reality: The Next Big Trend in Technology

The mobile market is becoming more and more concentrated these days. This encouraged many technology firms to explore new options for...

Dekko Augmented Reality Crowdsourcing

Augmented Reality Crowdsourcing for a Digitalized World

We will be the lucky generation who are likely to see a world comparable to The Matrix, thanks to the attempt of Dekko. Matt Miesnieks, the...