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Apple Buys German Augmented-Reality Firm Metaio

Mystery Revealed- Metaio is Acquired by Apple

All the speculations have finally come to an end regarding the mysterious disappearance of Metaio. The augmented reality company which was...

Osterhout Design Group's R6 augmented reality glasses

NASA Teams Up with ODG to Bring Augmented Reality to Space

Now augmented reality will be available in space, thanks to the partnership between NASA and Osterhout Design Group (ODG), a military tech...

Barcelona’s TV3 hybrid virtual set

Barcelona’s TV3 Unveils a Hybrid Virtual Set

TV3 of Barcelona unveiled a hybrid virtual set from Orad that mixes real scenic components with augmented reality graphics and virtual...


Mimic Technologies Launches Maestro AR- An AR Software Module

Mimic Technologies has launched Maestro AR, a new augmented reality software module. The module is available exclusively on the...