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Mollusks Augmented Reality Screens

Mollusks Inspires Research for Augmented Reality Screens

In the cold water beds around Iceland, the UK and Norway, little mollusks can be found in the rock crevices. These mollusks are around the...

Augmented Reality Trends

Top 5 Augmented Reality Trends in 2014

Over the past few years, augmented reality has become really popular for its practical use in different industries. Now, along with this...

Speedometer Plus

Track your Speed with Speedometer Plus

Speedometer Plus is an augmented reality integrated speed tracker. You can now track your speed while you are driving.

Chrysler augmented reality

Chrysler to Unveil New AR App at the New York Auto Show

Visitors will be able to get a feel of the 2015 Challenger and Dodge Charger models right in their tablets and smartphones. This will...

Augmented Reality Marketing

Is Augmented Reality the Next Marketing “Killer-App”?- Infographic

AR provides all types of information such as location, heading, visual, audio and acceleration data, and opens an avenue for real-time...

Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform

Surgery Performance to be Enhanced with Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform

Surgeons can now improve the performance of their surgeries in the operating rooms with the help of Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform...

Augmented Reality for movies

Augmented Reality Promotions of Captain America & Spider Man

Movies like Spider Man and Captain America are being promoted with augmented reality technology so that a good buzz is generated among the...


Augmented Reality in a Football Game?

According to Chris Kluwe, former NFL punter, this amazing technology is going to be used in football which will let viewers get a feel of...


Bermuda Sun Brings News to Life with Augmented Reality

With AR, readers can scan the pages with their tablets, smartphones or even smart-watches. This will make the pictures in the news pages to...


Topographic Maps Come to Life with Augmented Reality Sandbox

Sandboxes, which were really popular among future geographers, geologists and architects a few decades back have now lost their charm.