Monday 28 July 2014
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Kickstarter Campaign Set for AR Game SuperTrip

SuperTrip is an augmented reality game which uses the camera and GPS feature of mobile devices to guide the players in the physical world...

Air Puzzle Augmented Reality

Reach Out and Touch a Star with Air Puzzle

The game uses computer vision to track a user's movements and video overlays to make it appear that tiles are floating in the air around...


Endgame: Augmented Reality Game by Google

HarperCollins and Niantic Labs have teamed up to turn the imminent young-adult trilogy Endgame into a location-based AR game.

Augmented Reality Games

Top 10 Augmented Reality Games for 2013

Augmented reality technology has brought about a drastic change in the gaming world.

Open Me augmented reality game for play station

Open Me: The New AR Game on PlayStation Vita

Augmented reality has created quite a sensation. The gaming industry is one of its largest benefactors, providing the gamers a never-before...

Augmented Reality Game for HELL Pizza

One Fat Sheep Launched Augmented Reality Game for HELL Pizza

Digital agency One Fat Sheep have launched a world-first augmented reality (AR) game for their client HELL Pizza.

Endplay Augmented Reality game

Endplay: A Card Game with Video, Augmented Reality and More's Endplay, a multi platform sci-fi game, features a backdrop set in the near future.

Renault Augmented Reality F1 Game

Renault Augmented Reality Formula One Game

Augmented Reality in gaming has become somewhat of an arms race in making games as interactive and personally experiential as possible.

Augmented Reality and Gaming

Augmented Reality and Gaming

With technologies similar to that of Tom Cruise’s Minority Report, gaming is becoming really cool with AR technology.

Augmented Reality gaming console

Augmented Reality and Next Generation Game Console

Many of the brands and businesses are implementing the technology to engage customers and increase sales.