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Popcards Launches First-Ever Photo Greeting Card App

Popcards AR App – Greet Your Loved Ones with a Twist

You can now greet your friends and family members in a different way instead of sending out simple greeting cards. In this digital age,...

New Year’s postcards with AR features

Augmented Reality to Revive Interest in New Year Cards

Over the years, the tradition of sending New Year’s postcards or “nengajo,” has declined, as majority of the people now send wishes...


DIY Augmented Reality Cards

Last December the app Smilez was launched, allowing consumers to create and send AR postcards based on their personal videos.

Gizmo Augmented Reality Greeting Cards

Deliver Personalized Messages with Augmented Reality Greeting Cards

Artiphany launches the first greeting cards powered by augmented reality. This innovative Kickstarter from Artiphany empowers greeting...