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Liverpool Victoria Augmented reality

LV= Adds fun to Insurance Sector with Augmented Reality

Liverpool Victoria, also known as LV= is an insurance company based in the UK with more than 5 million members and customers. Insurance,...

Pedigree Books Augmented reality

Pedigree Books & Zappar Team Up for AR Annuals

Pedigree Books, a leading publisher has entered the augmented reality market once again. The company has teamed up with Zappar, a leading...

augmented reality in advertising

How Augmented Reality can Transform Your Advertising Campaign

Augmented reality, with its intuitiveness, is the ideal tool for advertising. People today are constantly connected to technology and by...

Augmented Reality in the Hospitality Industry

How Augmented Reality can Revolutionize the Hospitality Industry

The use of augmented reality has spread across many sectors in recent years. One of the areas of where this technology can find a potential...


Uses of Augmented Reality & Its Impact on Revenue Generation

Augmented reality is helping businesses to get the best results by bridging the gap between the traditional mode of advertising and the...

AR Campaign for Your Business

Quick Tips to Launch a Successful AR Campaign for Your Business

Building a strong brand loyalty among today’s mobile consumers can be a tough job for businesses. Consumers today need brands to provide...

Augmented Reality Marketing

Is Augmented Reality the Next Marketing “Killer-App”?- Infographic

AR provides all types of information such as location, heading, visual, audio and acceleration data, and opens an avenue for real-time...


Augment Your Reality with the SeeThru Headset

The SeeThru headset is definitely a competition for Google Glass but the augmented reality projection is a bit different from it.

Monarch airlines augmented reality

AR Marketing Campaign to Promote New Ski Program

This winter, Monarch Airlines is using augmented reality for promoting its ski routes.

Augmented reality as Marketing Strategy

Augmented Reality as Marketing Strategy

AR technology enhances the reality by overlaying digital information such as images, text, audio or video onto an image that need to be...