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ford augmented reality navigation

Ford Partners with Mishor 3D for Augmented Reality Navigation

Ford is working with Mishor 3D, the Israeli company, to install augmented reality navigation to its car models that will come in the...

Pedigree Books Augmented reality

Pedigree Books & Zappar Team Up for AR Annuals

Pedigree Books, a leading publisher has entered the augmented reality market once again. The company has teamed up with Zappar, a leading...

Apple Augmented Reality Navigation

Apple Brings Augmented Reality Navigation for iPhone

Apple has filed two patents describing an advanced augmented reality solution which will provide a real-time view of the surroundings...

ALIVE Wedding Cards

Brings Your Wedding Cards to Life with ALIVE

Everyone wants to make their wedding day a perfect one. So, why wait for that particular day to make it big? You can start early with your...

Immersive Training by Kobe Bryant

Immersive Training Basketball Program by Kobe Bryant

In every sector, technology based transactions have now become the norm. Now the sports area has also been included in this. Over the past...

ARC4 augmented reality system

AR Software Makes Navigation Easier and Safer for Soldiers

Augmented reality has been used for helping out the soldiers for some time now. Some AR heads-up displays (HUDs) have been developed with...

Augmented Reality in Various Industry

Physical World gets a Virtual Dimension with Augmented Reality

Most of the objects in the physical world are generally static and do not provide interactivity to the onlookers. This situation is changed...

AR Platform for Sales Persons

Augment Provides AR Platform for Sales Persons

Augment, a startup based in Paris has created an augmented reality app for the sales people. They have raised $1.5 million for the...


Alive Studio- A Self-Service Augmented Reality Platform

Times Internet has announced the launch of a self-service augmented reality platform which is an extension of the existing AR app Alive.

Layar SDK Comes with Geo

New Layar SDK Comes with Geo!

This AR platform allows marketers to embed augmented reality and interactive print functionality easily into their mobile apps.