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retail and mobile commerce

Cautious Consumers causes Lowest Retail Sales

As the buyers remain ‘cautious’ this year, retail sales drops to its lowest level. In September, the retail industry suffered the worst...

New World Little Shop augmented reality

Augmented Reality Now Available at Supermarket Aisles

Augmented reality is already doing a lot of wonders in the retail segment; now imagine adding a fridge to your smartphone or tablet.

Image Recognition technology

Image Recognition to Add New Dimension to Retail Environments

Mobile devices are driving the future of computing. It not only helps us to remain connected, but also provides unique solutions to...

Augmented Reality Retail App

SeeMore Interactive: The Augmented Reality Retail App

SeeMore Interactive brings retail to life, facilitating e-commerce and mobile shopping from virtually anywhere.

augmented reality ecommerce

Augmented Reality in the World of Commerce

Customers, these days, shop with their phones by merely pointing the device to the object of their choice. QR codes have charmed a lot of...

QR Codes and augmented reality

QR Codes Morphed into Virtual Reality: Part 2

We have already discussed why most QR campaigns failed in the past and why it is important for the marketers to understand what went wrong...

QR Codes and Virtual Reality

QR Codes Morphed into Virtual Reality: Part 1

In 2011, hardly 6.2 percent of mobile audience of the United States used their mobile devices to scan a QR code. However, these funky...

Augmented reality shopping

Is Marketers Ready to Explore the Potentials of Experiential Shopping?

Augmented reality technology has already proved its potential to enhance the shopping experience of the buyers. Thus, it is no surprise...

IBM Augmented Reality App

Experienced Personalized Shopping with Augmented Reality

Even in the age of eCommerce and mobile shopping, around 92% of retail volume comes from in-store shopping. However, these days consumers...

Anheuser-Busch Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Promotion of Anheuser-Busch to Raise Retail Sales

Anheuser-Busch is about to launch its first augmented reality promotion. This marketing tool is expected to raise the present as well as...