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Augmented Reality Games

Top 10 Augmented Reality Games of 2014

New innovations are taking place almost each day in augmented reality. This technology is being applied in different areas, one of them...


Augmented Reality Game Ingress Launched on iOS

Google has launched the iOS version of its popular augmented reality game Ingress. The actual launch of the game had taken place way back...


Live Game Board- The Publishing Platform for AR Mobile Games

Augmented reality games are quite in demand among those who love playing video games. AR games add to the excitement of the game as the...

AR Game Ingress

AR Game Ingress Gets a Update

Google’s Niantic Labs has given a new update to its award-winning augmented reality game Ingress.

Ravensburger Puzzle App

Ravensburger Puzzle App by Wolpertinger Games is a Huge Hit in Europe

An augmented reality puzzle, which has been developed by Ravensburger Digital in association with Wolpertinger Games, has become a success...

Run an Empire Augmented Reality Game

Put on Your Running Shoes and Play Run an Empire

The Run an Empire is a game which you will enjoy playing and at the same time, it will help in keeping you fit.

Invizimals The Alliance & The Lost Kingdom

Invizimals: The Alliance- An Augmented Reality Game for PlayStation Vita

Invizimals: The Alliance is an augmented reality game for PlayStation Vita. Users can play this video game and get set for some fun even...

Crushing Darkness

Augmented Reality Trading Card Game- Crushing Darkness

Your cards will come to life via your tablets or smartphones and you can trade them with your friends in this AR game, Crushing Darkness.


Fight of the Castle AR

Fight of the Castle AR is an augmented reality, tower defense like game available for free on the Google Play Store’s! Defend your...

ESPIONAG3: Berlin -Files-augmented-reality

ESPIONAG3: Berlin Files- An Augmented Reality Game

ESPINOAG3: Berlin Files is an espionage game which uses a unique technology along with AR, namely boARd 3D technology. A special paper...