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Next Mercedes E-Class to Use Augmented Reality

Next Mercedes E-Class to Use Augmented Reality

Mercedes Benz, one of the most popular automobile manufacturers is busy working on its new 2016 E-class, which will have self driving...

Skoda Fabia augmented reality

Skoda Brings Fabia to Life with Augmented Reality Campaign

The use of augmented reality technology has increased significantly in the auto mobile market. Skoda, the Czech Republic based auto...

Car Augmented Reality

Car Augmented Reality- The Rising Trend in 2014

One of the rising trends of augmented reality this year has been car augmented reality. In 2014, we have seen many big car brands use this...

Speedometer Plus

Track your Speed with Speedometer Plus

Speedometer Plus is an augmented reality integrated speed tracker. You can now track your speed while you are driving.

Chrysler augmented reality

Chrysler to Unveil New AR App at the New York Auto Show

Visitors will be able to get a feel of the 2015 Challenger and Dodge Charger models right in their tablets and smartphones. This will...

Land Rover augmented reality

See Through Land Rover with Augmented Reality

Land Rover’s ‘transparent bonnet’ (‘hood’ for Canadian and the US readers) uses a head-up display (HUD) and cameras which will...


Car Navigation- What will be the Future Like?

Augmented reality technology holds the future of car navigation. This amazing technology has already been used by various car makers.


Mitsubishi to Unveil AR Concept Cars at Geneva International Motor Show

European customers will soon be able to get a glimpse of the future plans of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation at the Geneva International...

Augmented Reality for vehicles

Vehicles Get Transparent with Augmented Reality

Drivers can now see what is happening in front of a car or bus moving in front of them, thanks to augmented reality technology.

Mercedes-Benz Augmented Reality

Mercedes-Benz will Reveal Their AR Strategy at Telematics Munich 2013 Conference

Mercedes-Benz is to reveal information about their augmented reality activities, declared Telematics Update. The company will reveal the...