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Google Shelves Sales of Google Glass

Google Shelves Sales of Google Glass

Google Glass was in its beta testing mode for two years now and had created quite a stir. Now, Google has decided to suspend the sales of...


Google Glass Might Save Millions for Fast Food Chains

You might have heard about the successful use of Google Glass in different sectors like healthcare, real estate and more. What if these...

google glass glance

Google Works on Bringing New Glance Feature to Google Glass

When it comes to adding new features and improving Google Glass, Google is always on the go. Now it is working on adding another new...

Google Glass Now available in US

Go Grab your Google Glass Now! No Invitations Required

Glass is now available for everybody. Yes, you no longer need an invite to get your hands on this wearable device.


Epson Releases Moverio BT-200 AR Smart Glasses Commercially

Using the patented central technologies of Epson, Moverio BT-200 provides a binocular smart glass experience that is optimized for AR...

Google Glass powered by solar energy

Solar Energy to Power Google Glass?

Video streaming and recording can be done through this augmented reality glass, which consumes lot of power. For this reason, an innovative...


Google Glass being Beta tested by New York Police Department

It seems that even though Google Glass hasn’t made its entry in the commercial market, big shot consumers have already started testing...

google-glass-augmented reality

Google Glass Now Integrated with Sound Search

Google Glass, the $1,500 augmented reality eyewear is to receive another update to make it even more mainstream.

google-glass explorar

Google Glass Will not Come to Best Buy Stores in 2014

Rumors had it that Google Glass, the most awaiting device of the decade, is coming to Best Buy stores in 2014. This rumor was a great hope...

Mercedes-Benz and Google Glass Integration

Google Glass Integration Has Been Tested by Mercedes-Benz

One of the most important features of a vehicle is the in-car navigation systems. It is a valuable way to assist drivers to reach their...