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GogglePal- First Augmented Reality HUD for Skiers

GogglePal- First Augmented Reality HUD for Skiers

Skiers and snowboarders can have extra fun now, thanks to GogglePal, the first augmented reality head up display for goggles. You can enjoy...

Lockheed augmented reality fighter jets

Lockheed Uses Moverio Glasses to Manufacture Fighter Jets

Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company based in Bethesda, is mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacture and...

HUD Contact Lens

World’s First 3D LED Printer Could Make HUD Contact Lens A Reality

When we talk about heads-up displays, we generally think about glasses. How about HUDs on contact lenses? A few days ago this would be an...


Lumus HUD Display: A Google Glass Competitor!

Lumus, a HUD or heads up display manufacturer is known for their military-grade products. In fact, some of its products have been deployed...