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GogglePal- First Augmented Reality HUD for Skiers

GogglePal- First Augmented Reality HUD for Skiers

Skiers and snowboarders can have extra fun now, thanks to GogglePal, the first augmented reality head up display for goggles. You can enjoy...

Hyundai's Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

Hyundai to Showcase Augmented Reality HUD at CES 2015

The 2015 CES will see demonstration of the latest automotive technology by Hyundai. The products that will be showcased include a new...

HUD Contact Lens

World’s First 3D LED Printer Could Make HUD Contact Lens A Reality

When we talk about heads-up displays, we generally think about glasses. How about HUDs on contact lenses? A few days ago this would be an...

Scubus S - The World's Smartest scuba diving mask

Scubus S – The World’s First Augmented Reality Scuba Diving Mask

Scubus S is one of the few projects that brings hi-tech into the World of scuba diving. We at our team think that in a modern day-to-day...

ImmersiON-VRelia heads-up display

ImmersiON Teams Up with VRelia to Develop VR & AR Headset

ImmersiON, a USA-based company has announced its strategic partnership with VRelia, a company with its headquarters in Spain. ImmersiON is...

Skylens Head-Up Display

SKYLENS Head-Up Display Provides Augmented Vision to Pilots

SKYLENS, a wearable head-up display is going to be used for Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) applications.

Augmented Reality for vehicles

Vehicles Get Transparent with Augmented Reality

Drivers can now see what is happening in front of a car or bus moving in front of them, thanks to augmented reality technology.