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Skully AR Helmets Win the Wearable Tech Award at SXSW 2014

Skully Helmets, a startup specialized in making augmented reality helmets for motorcycles, has bagged the best wearable tech award at this...

Icis- Augmented Reality Glass

Icis- The Fashionable Augmented Reality Glass

Laforge Optical have created Icis with the intention of not only providing a stylish look to the wearers but also making it an easy to use...

Prescription Frames for Google Glass

Much Awaited Prescription Frames Added to Google Glass

The commercial release of Google Glass will still take some time as Google is keen on making the device even more advanced.

Atheer augmented reality glasses

Touch the Digital World with 3D Augmented Reality Glasses

You will be able to touch the digital world with 3D augmented reality glasses, which are going to be launched by Atheer Labs.

Google-Glass and augmented reality

Google Glass: The Gold Rush Creating New Business Opportunities

Google Glass allows users to interact with their daily lives in a unique way. And its groundbreaking applications have amazing potentials.

Samsung Electronic Eyewear

Samsung Files Patent for Electronic Eyewear

The design patent shows that the electronic device is a spectacle and it has been categorized as “sports glasses”.

castAR Augmented Reality Goggles

Explore the Virtual World with Augmented Reality Goggles

This augmented reality system has been integrated in a pair of glasses and it projects 3D holograms as the wearer points it at a specially...

Docomo augmented reality glasses

NTT DOCOMO AR Glasses To Compete with Google Glass

A leading electronics company in Japan has revealed its head-mount device that is likely to threat the Google Glass

Pioneer ND-HUD10 augmented reality

AR Heads up Display from Pioneer

A number of companies are diving into the world of HUDs or heads up displays and many others are following the example.