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Augmented Reality for Victoria Secret to Boost Holiday Sales

Victoria’s Secret, the largest U.S. retailer of lingerie, is implementing augmented reality experience to drive up sales during the...


Asda features Halloween Hunt using Augmented Reality

Asda has renewed their partnership with Zappar before Halloween to keep up with the mobile marketing push during the holiday season.

retail and mobile commerce

Cautious Consumers causes Lowest Retail Sales

As the buyers remain ‘cautious’ this year, retail sales drops to its lowest level. In September, the retail industry suffered the worst...

New World Little Shop augmented reality

Augmented Reality Now Available at Supermarket Aisles

Augmented reality is already doing a lot of wonders in the retail segment; now imagine adding a fridge to your smartphone or tablet.

Image Recognition technology

Image Recognition to Add New Dimension to Retail Environments

Mobile devices are driving the future of computing. It not only helps us to remain connected, but also provides unique solutions to...

Augmented Reality Retail App

SeeMore Interactive: The Augmented Reality Retail App

SeeMore Interactive brings retail to life, facilitating e-commerce and mobile shopping from virtually anywhere.

google-glass explorar

Google Glass Will not Come to Best Buy Stores in 2014

Rumors had it that Google Glass, the most awaiting device of the decade, is coming to Best Buy stores in 2014. This rumor was a great hope...

Mercedes-Benz and Google Glass Integration

Google Glass Integration Has Been Tested by Mercedes-Benz

One of the most important features of a vehicle is the in-car navigation systems. It is a valuable way to assist drivers to reach their...

Google Glass augmented reality

No Google Glass in the UK!

The augmented reality head-wear from Google is likely to get banned in the United Kingdom because of safety issues. Google Glass, the...

Google Glass Explorers

Glass Explorers can Now Invite Friends to Test Glass

More number of Glass Explorers can join Google’s program to test the Glass out before its consumer release. And the search giant is...