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AR FrightMares Game

Shoot Down Frightening Clowns in AR FrightMares Game

If you love to play games which have a mild horror or frightening element to it, then here is a perfect AR game for you.


Voxeet – Making Waves in Audio Conferencing

Designed to work across all devices but built first and foremost for mobile device users, Voxeet is straightforward to set up and simple to...

Spectapp-augmented-reality platform

Coperon Technologies Teams Up with Spectapp

With this technology, layers of digital information in the form of videos, audios, or photos are added on top of the physical world items...

IBM Augmented Reality Mobile App

Tesco Uses IBM Augmented Reality Mobile App for Shelf Stacking

IBM is collaborating with Tesco, one of the leading retailers of the world to ensure that its in-store displays are arranged according to...

Parallel 6 Augmented Reality Technology

Brand Messages Come to Life with Augmented Reality

Parallel 6, the multi-channel mobile technology company is bringing brand message to life into Captive Reach 3.0 with AR technology. The...

augmented reality shopping

How Augmented Reality can Change Buyers Shopping Experience?

More numbers of brands are incorporating new technologies to completely change the shopping experience of their buyers. And it is just not...

Augmented Reality Retail Trends

Retail & Augmented Reality Trends

The retail industry is expected to redefine itself with the emergence of augmented reality. This innovative and exciting technology can...