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SeeThru AR Headset by LASTER

Get Complimentary SeeThru AR Headset for Kickstarter Referrals

LASTER recently announced a ‘Three for Free’ and ‘Four for Free’ Kickstarter referral program, where consumers can refer people to...

Sony Smart Eyeglass

Sony Unveils Smart Eyeglass Prototype at the Mobile World Congress

Another smart glass has made its entry into the world of wearable devices. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress, Sony unveiled a prototype...

Fujitsu Glove-Style Wearable Device

Fujitsu Exhibits Wearable Glove at the Mobile World Congress

Fujitsu has exhibited a ‘wearable’ glove this year in the Mobile World Congress which is slated for a 2015 release.


Augmented Reality HUDs for Soldiers Performs Better Than Expected

The augmented reality head-up displays (HUDs) which were created for soldiers surpassed all expectations and performed even better when...

Wearable Techs of CES 2014

Top 5 Wearable Techs of CES 2014

Apart from the AR devices, wearable tech dominated the CES this year. Right from smart glasses, to smart watches to wristbands, every sort...