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Augmented Reality Marketing

Is Augmented Reality the Next Marketing “Killer-App”?- Infographic

AR provides all types of information such as location, heading, visual, audio and acceleration data, and opens an avenue for real-time...


Augmented Reality for Victoria Secret to Boost Holiday Sales

Victoria’s Secret, the largest U.S. retailer of lingerie, is implementing augmented reality experience to drive up sales during the...


Asda features Halloween Hunt using Augmented Reality

Asda has renewed their partnership with Zappar before Halloween to keep up with the mobile marketing push during the holiday season.

retail and mobile commerce

Cautious Consumers causes Lowest Retail Sales

As the buyers remain ‘cautious’ this year, retail sales drops to its lowest level. In September, the retail industry suffered the worst...

Image Recognition technology

Image Recognition to Add New Dimension to Retail Environments

Mobile devices are driving the future of computing. It not only helps us to remain connected, but also provides unique solutions to...

Augmented reality shopping

Is Marketers Ready to Explore the Potentials of Experiential Shopping?

Augmented reality technology has already proved its potential to enhance the shopping experience of the buyers. Thus, it is no surprise...

IBM Augmented Reality App

Experienced Personalized Shopping with Augmented Reality

Even in the age of eCommerce and mobile shopping, around 92% of retail volume comes from in-store shopping. However, these days consumers...

Mobile Commerce

SeeMore Interactive Offers Exciting Level of Product Interaction

The scope for improving mobile shopping experience of the buyers was never better, thanks to the emergence of augmented reality technology....

Augmented Reality Jewelry

Jewellers Reaping the Benefits of Augmented Reality

The retail industry is moving from the online ecommerce era to the age of augmented reality. A lot of companies are extending their...

Augmented Reality retail

Augmented Reality Technology Shapes the Future of Retail and Commerce

Smartphones, powered by augmented reality technology, has begun to flood the retail industry. But before getting into the topic how...