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GoPro 16-Camera

GoPro Launches Its Limited Access 16-Camera Virtual Reality Rig

GoPro, the action camera maker based in California, has launched its much awaited 16-camera virtual reality rig which was announced at...

SpaceVR to Capture Virtual Reality Footage of Space

SpaceVR to Capture Virtual Reality Footage of Space

A new crowdfunding campaign could provide us with the opportunity to view space footage through virtual reality. SpaceVR, a San Francisco...

Ozo -Nokia's virtual reality camera.

Ozo- The Virtual Reality Camera by Nokia Technologies

A few days ago we had mentioned that Nokia is about to unveil a mystery virtual reality product. The launch has finally taken place. Nokia...

Samsung 3D capturing Project Beyond camera

Samsung Launches Project Beyond to Create Virtual 3D Environment

Samsung has made a surprise announcement at its 2014 Developer Conference. It unveiled a 360-degree camera named ‘Project Beyond’,...