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VR Latency to Reduce with AI Developed by LG Display

VR Latency to Reduce with AI Developed by LG Display

Virtual reality might provide users with an immersive experience. However, latency can create a problem for the users of the VR headsets. But now, artificial intelligence(AI) technology can reduce latency to an extent. LG Display, in collaboration with Sogang University, has created such a technology which lessens the latency and motion blur caused by the use of VR headsets. How can this help us, the users? Let us have a look at this post to know more:

How Does Latency Affect Us?
The highly immersive virtual reality technology can be fun. But, these head-mounted displays can pose a problem to humans. The motion blur and latency which comes with the headsets can cause dizziness. The headsets which have a higher resolution and need a lot more calculations have seen to create a problem for the users.

How can The Problem be Solved?
The AI technology of LG will use an algorithm that will convert low-resolution videos to high, in real time. The technology comes with an in-depth knowledge that does not need any extra external memory of the device and uses only internal memory. LG said that by using AI, the energy consumed by VR devices will be lessened and the blur delays and latency will be reduced by more than five times. With this technology in place, costly GPUs won’t be required by devices to produce virtual reality content.

Sogang University and LG have created a device run on motor, which measures blur and latency in virtual reality headsets. The device imitates the neck movements and optic view of human beings.

Meanwhile, LG is also in collaboration with other companies to provide something useful for the consumers in the field of virtual reality. The company joined hands with Google to inform about a new OLED display for virtual reality.

Image Source: https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/lg-makes-1-75bn-investment-boost-production-flexible-oled-displays-mobile-devices-1572803

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