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Will Apple Bring Virtual Reality Headset for Consumers?

Will Apple Bring Virtual Reality Headset for Consumers?

Big names like Samsung and Google have already entered the virtual reality market. Now, it’s time for Apple to walk in the same path. Apple had filed a patent for virtual reality goggles in September 2008. The patent has finally been awarded to the tech giant for a headset which is compatible with an iPhone. This would let the users insert an iPhone into the head mounted display and see virtual visuals on the screen using the device. It seems Apple is going to give tough competition to Samsung and other big names when the device is released in the market.

The head of mobile at IHS, Ian Fogg, told CNBC “It would be astonishing for Apple not to be investigating VR.”

The Patent

The patent reveals images of a device which are similar to goggles and they fit on the eyes. An image from the patent shows the intended device being operated using a remote control. The patent does not mention virtual reality or augmented reality in particular. However, it shows a potential device that can create stereoscopic imaging by dividing its screen into many image frames. With stereoscopic imaging, pictures can be given 3D-like depth.

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The patent also shows a scenario where adjustments can be made on more than one optical module so that media could be displayed beyond the lenses. For example, it could be shown at 4 meters instead of 20 millimeters. This is the idea behind augmented reality.

Job Listings of Apple

If you go through the recent job listings of Apple, you will see that the focus is on virtual reality. One of them is a job for the programmer role. The job role called for someone who could develop augmented reality software and tools and develop VR for Apple’s “next generation of products.”

The company is also looking for a game engineer who will work on augmented reality and virtual reality.

For all its other devices, Apple has waited till its competitors have introduced their products and then the company has finally made its own product. Explaining the possible strategy of Apple, Fogg said “What Apple typically does is…the primary research, looks to the future and only brings product the market when it thinks it delivers a compelling experience.”

Like all patents, there is no promise that the device will necessarily be released in the market in this form. As of now, we have to wait till any official confirmation is given from Apple about its virtual reality headset.

What do you think?

Do you think Apple’s VR headset will outdo others, if it releases? Have you used any VR headset? Which one did you like? Share your thoughts I the comments below.

Image & Article Source – marketwatch.com


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