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Virtual Reality Strikes British Airways

Virtual Reality Strikes British Airways

After Thomas Cook, now virtual reality has struck British Airways. The airline is providing customers in Italy, an opportunity to explore a destination before actually traveling there. Multi-platinum selling solo artist and former Pussycat Dolls lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger helped British Airways to unveil this virtual reality innovation which will take customers to a virtual destination before booking a ticket.

The Virtual Reality Experiences

British Airways is using Oculus Rift VR headsets to provide great US experiences to the users. The experiences will come to life with the use of high quality 360 degree video. The virtual experiences that the customers in Europe will be able to see include roller skating down the boardwalk on a California beach, riding a bucking bronco in Texas and ice skating overlooking New York’s famous skyline.

At the launch, Nicole said “As a frequent traveler this new technology is super exciting. I would use it to check out an area before I arrive and get inspiration for new holidays. Being able to step into a destination before I actually get there is sch-amazing! The videos British Airways has created transport me to some of my favorite US experiences, wow!’

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Six cameras on a specially designed rig were used to shoot real life footage of the location. The six videos were then joined together to create a 360 degree experience. This footage was used in the virtual reality experiences to provide the customers with a real life feeling of being transported to the actual locations in the US.

The VR experiences are a part of the investigation to test how next generation of travelers could use technology.

Other Uses of Virtual Reality Technology by British Airways

According to British Airways’ regional commercial manager for South East Europe and North Africa, Mark Moscardini, “This is just the start of what could be a huge breakthrough for future travellers. Imagine being able to walk around the hotel that you’re about to book, or look around Time Square to see what attractions are nearby, it is the ultimate try before you fly. Today’s travellers are checking out their destinations on trip advisor, street view and maps, this is the next step to let the customer actually experience destinations in the virtual world.” Travelers today are finding the destinations they want to visit on maps, Trip Advisor or street views. Virtual reality experiences will be the next step to improve their traveling experience.

British Airways is looking at other ways in which the virtual reality technology can be used in the personal devices of the customers, their own homes or at airports so that the travel experience can be improved in the future. In the future, more such developments could expand the use of this technology to entire cities, thereby allowing customers to immerse themselves completely in a virtual world before they book their tickets.

What about you?

Are you looking forward to such virtual reality experiences before flying?  Do you think the use of this technology will really help future travelers? Share your thoughts with us.

Image Source – wallpapertoon.info

Article Source – spyghana.com

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