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Virtual Reality Takes British Museum Visitors to Bronze Age

Virtual Reality Takes British Museum Visitors to Bronze Age

British Museum visitors will now be able to experience the past in a more vivid way. Apart from seeing the historical artifacts, you will be taken to the Bronze Age with the help of virtual reality headsets. You can don a Samsung Gear VR headset and explore a customary roundhouse from the Bronze Age. The exploration will consist of 3D scans of objects that are present in the museum. The museum is launching a VR weekend where this experience can be obtained.

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The Bronze Age VR Exploration

Samsung will provide Gear VR headsets to the visitors who come to the British Museum on Virtual Reality Weekend that will be held on Saturday and Sunday. This will give them the opportunity to experience Bronze Age through virtual reality.

Apart from the VR headsets, the Digital Discovery Centre from Samsung will also have tablets for visitors and a huge interactive touchscreen that will let users examine 360 degree 3D scans of the things of that age. The projection is of a recreated house into a dome type structure.

“The British Museum is constantly looking for new opportunities to innovate in the digital space. We are extremely excited to partner with Samsung on this virtual reality project,” Chris Michaels, the head of digital publishing at the museum said. “It gives us the chance to create an amazing new context for objects in our collection, exploring new interpretations for our Bronze Age objects. We can’t wait to share it with our visitors.”

Recreation of Three Bronze Age Objects

Three Bronze Age objects have been digitally recreated and will be shown to the visitors through virtual reality headsets.

One is a gold object which was recently discovered and is still caked with mud. The second object is a splendid bronze Beaune Dirk, which is a princely dagger. However, its shape suggests that it was not meant to be used, as the blade was never sharpened and the end was also not attached to a wooden hilt. The third object is a twist of bronze which looks simple but is most enigmatic. Over 50 such loops have been found within 18 miles of Brighton. They were not found anywhere else in Europe. What they were actually, is still a mystery. Users will be invited to try a replica and provide their opinions.

Andy Griffiths, Samsung’s UK and Ireland president said “Samsung is delighted to partner with the British Museum on its first virtual reality visitor experience. Together, our aim is to use the latest technologies to enhance learning and provide children and adults alike with an immersive learning experience like no other. We’re excited to see visitors delving into Bronze Age history in an immersive fulldome and through our Gear VR headsets and tablets. This will be a completely new way to interact with the British Museum’s collection.”

So, if you want to experience Bronze Age in an immersive way, you can visit the British Museum during VR weekend.

What about you?

What do you think about this experience? Will you try it out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – sthildaswinchester2013.blogspot.com

Article Source – theguardian.com


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