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NVIDIA Announces the Launch of DesignWorks VR

NVIDIA Announces the Launch of DesignWorks VR

There is good news for VR product designers. NVIDIA has announced the launch of DesignWorks VR, which is a set of tools that expand the existing SDK, GameWorks VR, which focuses on the development of physical objects in virtual arena. NVIDIA has launched this new initiative to enable the architects and product designers to use the unique power of virtual reality to create objects in the real world. With DesignWorks VR, the available tool sets of GameWorks VR are extended with features which are focused on designing objects that are meant for the real world. These features could be an extremely powerful step in CAD.

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How can DesignWorks VR help?

DesignWorks VR has a number of tools for application developers. It also has features which are designed for headset developers. Software developers will get support for VR SLI. With this feature, a GPU can be dedicated to a single eye. This is possible in OpenGL and DirectX. According to NVIDIA, it will improve rendering.

DesignWorks VR also uses GPU Affinity that manages workloads across various GPUs. According to NVIDIA, developers can specify the GPU to work on certain OpenGL tasks.

This set of tools has various features which make scenes even better. For instance, the Multi-Res Shading delivers scenes in different resolutions. The Warp & Blend API automatically makes geometry corrections. Tearing and image misalignment will be reduced with different techniques. The company has also developed technology which lets developers superimpose graphics and video into the VR surroundings which is called GPU Direct for Video.

Headset Makers Can Also Benefit

DesignWorks VR will also help headset makers. Context Priority feature lets headset developers take control of GPU scheduling that provides support features like asynchronous time warp. This technology will allow head movement which can be tracked, without the requirement of re-delivering a new frame.

This development can mean a whole new prospect in the area of VR gaming. We can hope that we will get to play more advanced VR games in the future with this step by NVIDIA.

What’s your thought?

What do you think about this announcement? Will the future of VR gaming improve? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: developer.nvidia.com

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