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Discovery Joins Virtual Reality Bandwagon with Discovery VR

Discovery Joins Virtual Reality Bandwagon with Discovery VR

Virtual reality will now give you the opportunity to experience what it feels like to swim among sharks. This will be possible with Discovery VR, the virtual reality platform launched by Discovery Communications. The company has launched dedicated Discovery VR apps for Android and iOS devices which show 360 degree videos that range from the streets of San Francisco to the shark reefs. The company has teamed up with Samsung as well, to add Discovery’s content to a dedicated channel within the MilkVR app. Each video can be viewed in the Discovery VR website.

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The Video Clips which Users can Access

There will be nine short 360 degree video clips at launch, which the viewers can access from Discovery VR. The mobile app users can either explore the video clips using VR viewer which are compatible with Google Cardboard or use their phone to explore the VR scenes.

Conal Byrne, SVP, digital media for Discovery Communications, said in a statement “Discovery Communications has long innovated by bringing together emerging technologies with a keen focus on quality content and storytelling, and Discovery VR is a natural and powerful extension of our commitment to aggressively pursuing new horizons. Virtual reality has the power to immerse fans in the action, and we look forward to telling stories in this new space like never before.”

The initial offerings include:

  • Mythbusters Shark Drive

Three VR experiences were created by the Mythbusters team which included exploring “feeding frenzies” in the Bahamas and shipwrecks. The three VR experiences are Shark Shipwreck, Sharks Everywhere and Underwater Shark Experiment.

  • How to Survive in the Wild

Survivorman’s Les Stroud puts on a VR rig and explains how you can survive in the world.

  • Adventure

You can freeboard down the Lombard Street of San Francisco and get a virtual surfing lesson with Discovery Digital talent and pro surfer Kyle Thiermann.

  • Pay Dirt

This is the VR version of Discovery’s Gold Rush. It takes the perspective from gold mines to a digger that is used to mine.

  • Planet

The Planet section of Discovery VR features includes videos like Pacific Sunset: Half Moon Bay and Redwoods: A Walk Among Giants: Muir Island.

Other videos include Surf Less: On The Board With A Big Wave Pro.

Availability of the Apps

Discovery Communications teamed up with Littlstar, a VR startup based in Los Angeles to produce the apps. With the apps, users will be able to watch high definition, multi-angle videos on their phones, computers and VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard and eventually Oculus Rift. The apps are available for download from the Google Play and iTunes Store.

Discovery plans on creating new virtual reality content continuously for their users.

What’s your thought?

What do you think about this development? Would you watch Discovery VR? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – arstechnica.com

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