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Virtual Reality to Enhance Your Facebook News Feed

Virtual Reality to Enhance Your Facebook News Feed

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, in his keynote address at the Facebook F8 developer conference, made a ton of announcements. Some of them were bigger than the others, one of them being the inclusion of virtual reality in our Facebook News Feed. Zuckerberg gave a demonstration of how 360-degree video and immersive virtual reality will be used in the News feed in the future. He outlined how sharing has evolved over the years for the company, starting from simple text to pictures to videos.

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The Next Step in Facebook Sharing

He stressed that the next step in Facebook sharing will now be more immersive with inclusion of technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive videos. Live-streamers and developers got a glimpse of this new inclusion at the F8.

Every day, around 3 million videos are watched by Facebook users in their News Feed. Zuckerberg said that as the content which we want to share is getting more sophisticated, the need for building tools which will help people to share it, is also increasing.

CBS News stated in an article “Facebook users watch 3 billion videos per day in their News Feeds. As the content we share becomes increasingly sophisticated, “we need to build tools to let people share it,” Zuckerberg said.”

Spherical Videos, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

News Feed will soon support “spherical videos,” which are developed with 24 cameras and lets viewers to pan around the video with their mouse cursor. They can use their cursor and move within a 3D surrounding as the footage continues. These immersive videos are now supported by YouTube.

A few years from now, virtual reality and augmented reality will be completely integrated in the social network. With Facebook’s purchase of Oculus Rift, the spherical videos will be more interesting. Users can strap on their VR headsets and view a 360 degree spherical video. They will feel as if they are in that video. Virtual reality will thus make the News Feed more interesting.

At the F8, visitors were able to try out the technology by entering a “teleportation station.” They were able to get a remote view of the interior of the Facebook head quarters.

TechCrunch stated “One thing we can think of is that Facebook is taking its Oculus VR activities up a notch, and inviting developers to come along on the journey. Facebook has been widely demonstrating the capabilities of the new Crescent Bay edition of the VR headhead over the last several months at different events. And given that today is actually the one-year anniversary of the acquisition, this could be a ripe moment to open up the platform to more input from developers.”

No release date for the software has been obtained yet. But, we can expect that our News Feed will become immersive and we can watch the videos with VR headsets.

What do you think?

Do you think Facebook will become more popular with this immersive News Feed? Have you used the Oculus Rift yet?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – mashable.com

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