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Fiat Reaches Out to Consumers with Virtual Reality

Fiat Reaches Out to Consumers with Virtual Reality

Fiat has launched its new car, the Fiat 500X, which is a new crossover that combines true performance with Italian style. The car will be available to the consumers next year. However, Fiat has already started its promotion using unique technologies. It is showcasing the car using virtual reality technology which mixes real-life footage with CGI. The auto manufacturer claims that it is a first for the automotive industry and hopes to drive up the consumers’ interest for its latest addition.

So, what experience is in store for the consumers? Let us find out more from this post.

Immersive Journey for the Consumers

Generally, many car marques tend to provide interactive experiences to the consumers using 3D views of the new cars or typical driving sequences. However, Fiat avoids these typical procedures and takes the consumers through an exceptional immersive journey.

The company has teamed up with magician Dynamo for this purpose. The VR experience combines the CGI with the real-life footage of the car and the magician. This allows viewers to sit in the car as Dynamo controls it.

This VR experience will be available at a series of roadshows which have been developed with Krow, an agency which worked with Framestore on this VR push. People coming to these roadshows will get the chance to experience the Fiat 500X at the events, with the help of Oculus Rift. They can also view the film on an app in their mobile devices with the use of Google Cardboard.

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Building Excitement around the Launch

This move by Fiat is a big marketing push and it looks to build a “sense of excitement” among the consumers around the launch of 500X. With this step, Fiat is trying to raise the interest of the consumers about 500X, ahead of its big launch at an event in London which will be held in January end. The event will also be live-streamed on YouTube.

The company has teamed up with Dynamo because of his “broad audience of style-conscious consumers”, a market-segment the new car is aiming at.

Fiat said “Most car marques, if they have used virtual reality, have created a fairly standard driving experience. We have developed an immersive experience where Dynamo takes the viewer on a magical journey with the car. We have combined photo real CGI and real-life footage in a 360-degree 3D experience to create something that’s never been seen before from a car brand.”

The company added that “virtual Reality gave us the opportunity to allow people to experience the car as though it’s for real. They watch it being driven in an unusual environment and they ‘sit’ in it themselves as Dynamo ‘controls’ the car.”

Fiat is one of the many auto manufacturers that have resorted to the use of virtual reality to promote their cars.

Have you heard about Fiat 500X? Are you planning to try out this virtual reality experience? Share your thoughts with us.

Image Source – 500x.fiat500.com

Article Source – marketingweek.com


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