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FOVE: World’s First VR Headset Controlled By Eye Movements

FOVE: World’s First VR Headset Controlled By Eye Movements

Virtual reality is progressing and how! Until now, virtual reality headsets were developed which you had to control with your head or hands. Now you will get a VR headset which can be controlled just with your eyes. FOVE, as the headset is called, is running a Kickstarter campaign. The startup which is based in Tokyo, was launched last year at Disrupt as a finalist of Battlefield and has raised over two-thirds of its goal of $250,000. The campaign will end on 4th July, 2015.

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First Headset with Eye-Tracking technology

The FOVE headset has been named after fovea, the part of the eye which is responsible for central vision. FOVE claims to be the first virtual reality headset which uses eye-tracking technology. The headset uses foveated rendering, i.e. where graphics engine finds out what users are viewing and then they focus on rendering power in that spot, so that users can see it in high resolution.

Yuka Kojima, co-founder and CEO at FOVE, said that preserving rendering power means the gadget can be used with different kinds of devices, other than PCs.

Gamers will find this headset useful as they can make eye contacts with the game characters or just look at their target to aim weapons. The eye control feature will help in providing a more immersive experience for the users.

Applications Beyond Gaming

A SDK will be released next year which will let developers anchor games into the ecosystem of FOVE. However, the VR headset can have many other applications beyond gaming.

For instance, developers worked with a teenager having motor neuron disease to develop software that lets him play the piano using this headset. The founders hope that those with limited mobility will be able to use it to play or type games. Researchers are also finding out how the eye tracking technology of FOVE can be used to help people having autism and Aspergers.

The shipping is scheduled to start in May 2016. Samsung and Toshiba are providing components that include displays. Many working prototypes have already been developed and FOVE has plans to improve its eye-tracking technology so that every people can use them irrespective of the shape of their face or eyes. The safety of infrared lights used in the headset, are also being checked. Once the tests are complete, only then the manufacturing of FOVE headsets will begin.

If you want to get this headset, you can pre-order it through Kickstarter.

What about you?

Are you going to pre-order the FOVE headset? Will this take virtual reality one step ahead? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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