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FurnishUp- Virtually Decorate your Room Online

FurnishUp- Virtually Decorate your Room Online

You might have used augmented reality apps like that of IKEA to decorate your room virtually in your real-world environment. But with FurnishUp, you will be able to decorate your virtual room with virtual furniture. This online site is in beta and you can spend your time designing the room of your dreams, complete with furniture items from popular brands. You will be inspired to shop as you browse through the products and design your own room.

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Using FurnishUp

When you visit this site, you will be given the choice to register so that you can explore all the options. However, if you are not too keen on registering, you can visit the Design section of the site. Once you go to that page, you will be able to design your room from scratch in 3D. You will have fun adding different furniture pieces in the room.

Shop by brand or by item and learn more about the items you select by clicking on them. You can drag and drop the items in your virtual room. You will also get the option to visit the website of the retailers from the FurnishUp site. The options you can choose from are limited as of now, but they are expected to expand as the site improves. You will be able to get items from brands like IKEA, CB2, Wayfair, West Elm, Pottery Bar, etc. Even products from higher end brands like Herman Miller, Design Within Reach are also available for the users to choose from. You will also find artwork from Fab and Society 6, to buy for your home.

Comparing with Other Virtual Decorating Websites

Websites like SketchUp will provide you with 2D comic designs whereas another site NousDecor will give inspire you exceptionally with the designs, but still you need to have a strong imagination power to envisage how the items will look in your room. When compared to these sites, FurnishUp will help you in visualizing your real room with the furniture placed in it by seeing the virtual room. However, kids’ furniture is not yet available in the site.

Even with the small drawbacks, FurnishUp can prove to be really advantageous for those who shop for furniture online.

What about you?

Are you into online shopping? Do you think this site will help you shop for furniture items? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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