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Google Cardboard Lets You Explore Street View in Virtual Reality

Google Cardboard Lets You Explore Street View in Virtual Reality

Now you will be able to explore Google Street View using virtual reality. Google has made its low-cost virtual reality headset, Google Cardboard, compatible with Street View. The device is literally made of cardboard and works with smartphones. This week, the tech-giant announced that users will have to wear the device so that they can experience the immersive nature of the Google Maps Street View.

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Where to get the Headset?

The virtual reality headset costs around $10 only. You can buy it online or you can order the parts to make one yourself at home. It works with Android phones. But the phone can have a maximum display of 4.7 inch and must fit within the holder.

How to use the Headset?

To view the immersive map, users of the Google Cardboard have to open Street View in Google Maps on their phone. They will find a look-around icon at the lower right corner of the display. By double tapping on that icon, they will be able to sync up everything and a 360-degree view of the location will be visible to them. So, you can sit in your home in Shanghai and cruise through the canals in Venice or go explore the Pyramids of Giza.

More from Google Maps

The map interface of Google has been expanding for some time now and with time it is getting more interactive and useful. People will not only be able to see the streets and other outdoor locations, they will also be able to get inside the department stores, movie and TV sets and restaurants with Business View. With an indoor floorplan feature, people will be able to map out the interiors of the locations before entering them in real life.

Google is hiring some developers to expand its virtual reality efforts following a growth in mobile and the Android brand. The demand for its virtual reality headset is quite high. The company announced in its blog post that it has shipped over 500,000 Google Cardboard headsets. By including virtual reality with Street View, Google might increase the sale of Cardboard even further.

So, if you want to explore Street View in an immersive way, you can get a Google Cardboard today.

Have you already bought a Google Cardboard? What other additions would you like to see in Street View? Feel free to add your insights.

Image – imcardboard.com

Article Source – mashable.com


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