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Google to Step into Virtual Reality with Android Applications

Google to Step into Virtual Reality with Android Applications

Virtual reality is making great progress with big names trying their hands on this technology. Companies like Samsung, Sony, Facebook, etc. have made their entry into this space. Google Cardboard, the VR viewer was a baby step for Google to enter this virtual space. But now, it seems Google is ready to make the big plunge into virtual reality with applications that are powered by a new version of Android. It is not just restricting its efforts in VR to the cardboard.

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Getting into Virtual Reality

According to The Wall Street Journal, a dedicated team of engineers have been put to work by Google on a new version of Android. This version will completely be used for virtual reality software and hardware. The company has planned to release this OS version to everyone just like the original one. By making this new OS version accessible to developers and open-source, they will be able to test the OS further and develop more apps.

As the report claims, two individuals, acquainted with this project, have confirmed that there are “tens of engineers” and other resources who are working on this project which is yet to be named. No reports have been confirmed yet from the company’s side.

Google has already introduced its Android OS for wearables in the form of Android Wear. Other Android products of this company include Android TV and Android Auto.  The new version is also expected to become popular like the others.

The virtual reality team of Google is led by Clay Bavor and Jeremy Doig. Bavor is the vice-president of product management and was also responsible for the development of Google Cardboard. Doig is the director of Google Video Technology.


Other Google Ventures

Apart from creating its own Android-powered applications for virtual reality, Google has been in the augmented reality space for some time now. A few months back, Google invested around $542 million in Magic Leap, a startup based in Florida, which is working on the development of augmented reality eyeglasses. Google is also working on a tablet that will include augmented reality in it.

Apart from that, Google also has its own AR game “Ingress”. The game requires players to move through different locations in the real world and interact with virtual objects to fulfil their missions.

With Google about to enter the virtual reality space, the competition is going to heat up and consumers will soon have lots of VR devices options to choose from.

What’s your thought?

Do you think that Google will increase the competition if it enters the virtual reality space? Have you used the Google Cardboard? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – news.softpedia.com

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