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Reduce Your Medical Stress with Virtual Reality App

Reduce Your Medical Stress with Virtual Reality App

Going for a surgery or recovering from one can be really stressful and tasking. However, if you can get something else to take your mind away from the tension, it can prove to be really helpful in your recovery. Imagine enjoying a vacation at a beautiful beach away from all the stress. That is what you will now get from Guided Meditation VR, a virtual reality app for the Oculus Rift, developed by Cubicle Ninjas, a company based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The technology is being displayed at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in Chicago.

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How can Guided Meditation VR Help?

Patients have to use Oculus Rift to experience the virtual reality. They can select from different virtual reality locations which include forest, beach, ancient Japanese dojo or a canyon to improve their overall health. According to Cubicle Ninjas, hospitals will be able to use this technology to decrease stress and anxiety among patients before they are taken for surgeries. It can also help in reducing pain after surgeries and make it easy for patients to stay in the hospitals while recovering.

The CEO of Cubicle Ninjas, Josh Farkas said “We are excited to create VR experiences that make people happier and positively impact their daily lives. Guided Meditation VR is a powerful tool for healthcare facilities to use as one component of their patient care model. Happier patients are known to heal faster, less likely to be readmitted, and more satisfied.”

Use of Virtual Reality in Medical Field

It has been seen through research that virtual reality can be used to reduce pain and improve patient care. There have been other instances of using this technology for medical treatments among different types of patients. For example, at Loyola University Hospital in Maywood, an interactive virtual reality game is being used by researchers to help patients suffering from various degree burns, manage their pain.

As per the Virtual Reality Medical Center, virtual reality can be used to treat anxiety disorders like panic disorders, fear of flying and more.

According to Cubicle Ninjas, the Guided Meditation VR Beta demo app has seen over 25,000 downloads and it is assisting hospitals to enhance their patient care.

We can expect that in the coming years more such VR apps will be developed for upcoming VR headsets which will help in different areas.

What do you think?

Do you think this VR app will help patients in recovering quickly? Will you try out the app? Share your views in the comments below.

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Article source – chicagoinno.streetwise.co

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