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A New Virtual Reality Headset to Reduce Fatigue and Nausea

A New Virtual Reality Headset to Reduce Fatigue and Nausea

A virtual reality headset lets you experience an immersive world. However, within a few minutes of use, you might develop nausea and headache. This causes the entire charm to wear off. The reason behind this as deciphered by the computational imaging experts is that, natural 3D images are not simulated by current virtual reality headsets. The nauseating feeling might now be cured with a new virtual reality headset which has been developed by researchers from the Stanford Computational Imaging Group. The headset considers how the human eye focuses and processes depth.

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Cause of VR Sickness

The present VR headsets are flat stereoscopic type. With these, each eye sees only one image. This also results in limited depth of field. Gordon Wetzstein, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Stanford said, in the real world the same 3D scene is seen in slightly different perspectives with different positions of our eye’s pupil.

With the current headsets, there is a clash between the visual signals your eyes focus on and how your brain approaches what you see with your two eyes. The mismatch is similar to the reason that causes motion sickness among people.

Next-gen Virtual Reality Headset

With this next-generation virtual reality headset prototype, a natural and comfortable 3D viewing experience is created for the users. This is done using light-field technology. The researchers have teamed up with the NVIDIA Corp. to present the device at SIGGRAPH 2015 which will be held in Los Angeles from 9th August to 13th August.

With this new virtual reality headset that has been developed by Wetzstein and other researchers like Kevin Chen and Fu-Chung, the difference between the eyes and brain, can be solved. This is done by creating a type of hologram for each eye which makes the VR experience more natural. With a light field, multiple perspectives which are a bit different are created over diverse parts of the same pupil. This helps you to move your focus freely and experience depth in the virtual reality world, just like in real life.

The new VR headset consists of two stacked, transparent LCD displays with a spacer, called the “light-field technology.”

The new VR headset will find its use in vast areas of application. Wetzstein said “Virtual reality gives us a new way of communicating among people, of telling stories, of experiencing all kinds of things remotely or closely. It’s going to change communication between people on a fundamental level.”

With reduced motion sickness, the virtual experience of users will become even more fascinating.

What do you think?

What’s your thought about this new VR headset prototype? Have you used any other VR headset and experienced nausea? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – slashgear.com

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