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3 Industries That Are Benefiting From Virtual Reality

3 Industries That Are Benefiting From Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has still a long way to go before it enters mainstream. But already, many industries have started using this technology to take advantage of it. Big brands are trying their hands in developing VR campaigns and they are already benefiting from it. Different industries are trying to increase the return on investment, engagement and even customer satisfaction with VR.

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Here are three industries using this amazing technology:

  • Real Estate

Real estate owners are providing their probable clients a virtual walk-through of the properties using VR headsets. This could increase the possibility of making that sale. Clients can see the houses in 3D, inside and outside and can make their purchase based on that experience.

As per Matterport, a firm that offers 3D reconstruction, an average of 1.2 million views are coming every month for the VR videos that realtors upload.  

Virtual reality technology is being used by Sotheby’s International Realty. In there, real-estate agent Matthew Hood, shows luxury homes in Malibu to his clients using Samsung Gear VR headset.  This is highly beneficial as most of these homes are sold to high profile clients who live abroad or celebrities who prefer fewer visitors and they can view the homes using these VR headsets.

  • Retail

The most common problem in retail is that of returning purchased items which do not fit the customers. Returning a purchased item can prove to be a pain for both the retailers and the customers. To solve such problems, the digital fitting room is an ideal solution.

Retailers like Rebecca Minkoff are using virtual reality to fight this issue. They have installed touchscreen mirrors in their onsite fitting rooms. Nilofer Vahora, Rebecca Minkoff’s Vice President of licensing and product innovation said “Bringing the ‘smart’ mirror technology into the store creates a more convenient and personalized experience for the shopper.”

The company is also selling Google Cardboard headset with which users can experience the Fall 2015 runway fashion show, which has been shot in virtual reality.

Microsoft is planning to bring the Kinect technology to a VR fitting room which can help the customers select clothing even at home.

  • Automotive

With VR, customers could get a better view of the interiors and exteriors of the car they are planning to buy. Many auto manufacturers like Ford are including VR in their automotive development. Audi is using virtual reality technology to bring the showroom to the living rooms of their probable customers. With VR showrooms, customers can also get a feel of riding an Aston Martin or Lamborghini without actually spending money.

Virtual reality has a huge potential and in the coming years, its applications will spread to different other industries.

What’s your thought?

What do you think about the use of VR in different industries? Have you experienced this technology yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – psfk.com

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