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Virtual Reality Lets You Peep into the Jaguar Engine

Virtual Reality Lets You Peep into the Jaguar Engine

Have you ever wanted to get inside a Jaguar engine and see what propels this amazing car? Well, now your wish might be fulfilled. Feeling surprised? No, we are not telling that you can get inside the engine in person! However, virtual reality will turn the impossible into possible. Once you wear the virtual reality glasses, you will be able to get inside a virtual Jaguar and explore different parts of the car easily, including the engine.

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The Virtual Reality Glasses

Do not expect the virtual reality glasses that put you inside a Jaguar engine to be stylish. They are made of oversized frames which are decorated with silver antennas. They almost look like a space-age insect. One you put them on, you will be inside the virtual luxury automobile and can explore every corner.

The Cave which stands for Computer-Aided Virtual Environment allows engineers to watch and test the inner mechanism of a Jaguar, even before a physical prototype has been developed.

Brian Waterfield, the virtual reality technical lead of Jaguar, at the Jaguar Land Rover Gaydon Center in Warwickshire, England, said “Imagine a designer wants to see his concepts — he might have to wait for eight to nine weeks to get a physical model. Now, as soon as the engineer has developed the data, he can come down here, he can understand the lines, and he can understand the shape of the car — all before he’s got anything physical.”

A Step Forward in Engineering

A ceiling and three large screens which show surreal projections of the interiors of the car, make the Cave. The antennas that are on the glasses are tiny cameras that let the wearer move about in the infinitesimal “guts” of the car.

Waterfield said about the high-tech capability that “You’re immersed where you couldn’t be in the real world. And this really gives our engineers a great advantage because you can put your head anywhere within this vehicle. “So this can really give us an advantage of getting inside the data, understanding what the issues are, and how we can engineer better.”

This could be a step forward in engineering.

Future of the Technology

Waterfield says that in the future, virtual reality technology could be seen everywhere, right from medical training room to aerospace design. The first step is to recreate the visual world.

Waterfield said “Imagine if you could hear things. Imagine if you could smell, touch, and taste things. “We want to immerse as many senses as possible to give a virtual equivalent of the real world, inside a virtual Cave.”

So, as of now explore the interiors of Jaguar with virtual reality and experience the fun.

What about you?

What do you think about this step by Jaguar to include the popular technology? What other uses of virtual reality technology do you like? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – pixshark.com

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