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Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets to Watch Out for in 2016

Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets to Watch Out for in 2016

At the CES this year, virtual reality headsets were a major hit. Several new headsets were displayed. While some of them were tethered, others were mobile headsets. The tethered headsets require to be connected with a computer while the mobile headsets require to be connected to a smartphone.

Here we bring to you some of the mobile VR headsets which could stand out in 2016.


Our list starts with the most expensive headset. Virtual reality as we know causes motion sickness. But this headset has some proprietary optical tech that evens out the visual signs that generally cause motion sickness. The presence of this tech makes the headset costly. It is not yet known how the tech works.

The headset has a flat vertical swing arm and is red and black in color. The arm keeps the phone in position. The arm also has a non-elastic strap which is three-pronged and has a Velcro adjustment. Any Windows, Android or iOS phone with screen size 4.6 to 6 inch and having an accelerometer will work with IONVR. The price is $230. Those wearing glasses, will find it a bit difficult to use.

  • Homido

The Homido VR headset comes at a price of $70. It keeps the mobile device in place using a folding chip. The phone is inserted inside the headset from the top. The elastic strap used is stretchy in nature. This decreases the scope of adjustment when the user wears the headset.

The viewing area is also tight and cannot be used with your glasses on. For those with poor eyesight, a special set of viewing cones are there which will work with the headset.

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  • I Am Cardboard DSCVR

If you are looking for a plastic alternative to the virtual reality headsets made of regular cardboard, I am Cardboard DSCVR could be the right choice for you. The design is simple but is highly functional. The phone connected with this headset is held with a strap made of rubber-like material. There is no face gasket and the shroud slides forward.

To start interactivity of virtual reality in the phone’s screen, you have to push an input button on the top. However, to use the headset, you have to hold it in your hand as there is no strap. This headset might be a durable than other cardboard solutions, but it cannot be used as a full-on headset. The price of this headset is $30.

  • Homido Mini

Homido also displayed another virtual reality product called the Homido Mini at the CES. The headset does not have any case and just comes with a pair of viewing optics that fastens to a smartphone. To get the virtual reality experience, you just need to hold the phone up to your eyes.

Unlike walled-in headsets and cardboard-based VR viewers, the outside world will not be shut out. This is good if you want to check out something for just a few seconds in virtual reality. The Mini comes at a price of $15.

Other mobile headsets which are worth mentioning include ViuLux Smart VR, ANTVR TAW and Ihuaqi 3D VR Headset.

What do you think of these headsets? Will you buy any? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source: fortune.com

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