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Pantomine Lets you Interact with 3D Virtual Reality Worlds

Pantomine Lets you Interact with 3D Virtual Reality Worlds

If you are looking out for ways in which you can interact with the virtual reality world in a realistic way, then you have to look no further than Pantomine. With this software, you will be able to reach in and engage with the three dimensional virtual worlds in a more realistic way. This software works so well that it will transform any mobile device into a 3D controller with gyro accuracy. So what does this device have in store for you? Let us find out through this post.

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Merging Virtual World with the Real One

The screen of the device is similar to a pane of glass through which you will be able to see the virtual world merged seamlessly with the real world which is on the other side. So, you will be able to realistically tap, touch, paddle, scoop, bounce and even knock over virtual objects in the three dimensional world. All this is possible just by swinging the device. You don’t need any device attached to your face like VR headsets. Just hold the mobile device in your hand and it will be able to completely interact with the virtual world. The software has been created by David Levitt.

How does it Work?

The mobile device acts as a controller for the interaction with the 3D world. You need to start by clicking a picture of a tabletop and the surface will be mimicked by the mobile device as you move it. When you “walk” the mobile device around the surface, the virtual device will also do the same. You can also hold it up in the air and the Pantomine software will recognize the position of your hand with gesture recognition and you will have virtual fingers to work with. You will be able to see these virtual fingers through the screen of your mobile device.

People with different mobile devices will also be able to interact virtually with each other using the networked multiplayer mode.

As of now, only a simple game of wall-ball is available to the users of the software. But the creator plans to expand it in the future.

What do you think?

Do you think the Pantomine software is a cool innovation? Would you like to interact more realistically with the virtual world? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – gizmodo.com.au


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