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POTUS Tries His Hands on Virtual Reality

POTUS Tries His Hands on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality might have created waves among tech enthusiasts but there are still people who are trying it for the first time and it seems our President is leading by example. Barack Obama made his debut with virtual reality in an industrial trade show he attended in Hannover, Germany. He had German Chancellor Angela Merkel for company. Obama got the opportunity to take a new look at reality with this device.

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The Virtual Reality Device in Play

The virtual reality device which was in the midst of all the attention is better than the standard Google Cardboard headset. A camera is installed on top of the viewer which is again connected to the smartphone that is placed inside the headset. PMD, the manufacturer of the device, boasts that this is the world’s smallest 3D camera system.

The camera has depth-sensing capability and creates a 3D point cloud of the objects which are in front of the device. This provides the users with hand tracking feature in their mobile virtual reality experience.

PMD is working with Google for its Project Tango as a depth-sensing partner. However, this is the first time when it has built a platform on Cardboard.

The VR device works with Samsung Galaxy S7 and the external 3D camera alters the reality as well as immerses the environment digitally.

Obama’s Reaction

By the looks of it, Obama seems to have enjoyed every bit of his virtual reality debut. He spent quite some time looking at his own hands through the 3D camera. He experienced a program which highlighted his fingers with different colors after identifying them. He had so much fun with this experience that when Merkel tried on the headset, he helped her experience virtual reality by raising her hands into the view.

The Hannover trade show is the largest event of its kind and this year The Unites States hosted the event. So, if you are wondering if Obama was giving a boost to our German rivals, you can be rest assured. He was in fact helping sell American products to the European audience and it seems he was successful in doing so.

The President found virtual reality to be a “brave new world.” So, let us welcome him to this new world of virtual and augmented reality.

What’s your thought?

Do you think virtual reality will be the next big thing? Have you tried out this technology? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – inverse.com

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