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Qantas Lets You Explore the Great Barrier Reef in Virtual reality

Qantas Lets You Explore the Great Barrier Reef  in Virtual reality

Qantas Airlines seems to have embraced virtual reality to provide its customers with advanced travel experience. Earlier they announced that the passengers will be able to get in-flight entertainment by donning virtual reality headsets. Now the airline has announced that the customers will be able to get a 360 degree 3D VR experience of the Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island. This comes as a result of partnership with Rapid VR and Samsung. So what is in store for the Qantas passengers? Let us find out.

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360 Degree Experience

The partnership will help in creating a new virtual reality film which will give the passengers an opportunity to experience the Great Barrier Reef and the Hamilton Island closely, even if they are above 35,000 feet in the air. This 360 degree experience will however only be available to you if you are travelling in First Class. The VR film will be available to luxury travelers in certain international lounges and flights of Qantas from 27th June, 2015.

Effort to Drive Tourism

The airline has also made announcements that it will increase the number of flights between Brisbane and Hamilton Island. This is an effort to increase the tourism of the Whitsunday region. From 31st August, 2015 QantasLink will add two return flights each week on Tuesday and Friday on its 74 seat Q400 aircraft. It will also upgrade its Monday flight to a 125 seat Boeing 717 jet aircraft. This means just less than 400 seats will be added for each week for the flights between Hamilton Island and Brisbane.

Olivia Wirth, Qantas Group Executive for Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, said this VR experience along with the extra flights is an attempt from the airline’s side to promote the Whitsunday region as an ideal destination for tourism.

She said “As one of the largest private investors in Australian tourism, we are constantly looking at different ways to showcase the wonderful destinations on our network. Our Virtual Reality headsets have already proven a hit with our customers in our lounges and on some of our international flights. It’s a fantastic way for us to give our customers a unique experience of the Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island, which we expect will translate into more people choosing to visit the Whitsundays for the next holiday destination.”

Glenn Bourke, Hamilton Island Chief Executive, said “Australia is now the highest-rated destination for world class beauty.”

He said “Certainly, we have seen a new level of interest in the Great Barrier Reef from our guests – domestic and international. I’m sure the Great Barrier Reef virtual vision we’ve created with Qantas will inspire many more to visit.”

What do you think?

Do you think with VR experience of Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island, Qantas can help improve the tourism of the region? Will you be trying out this experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – dailymail.co.uk

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