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Watch Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2015 Show in Virtual Reality

Watch Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2015 Show in Virtual Reality

Rebecca Minkoff, the fashion brand has made its official entry in virtual reality space. It is one of the first fashion brands to take advantage of this technology. The company has shot a virtual reality runway show which can be viewed by people having a Google Cardboard headset. The headset was up for sale for $24 on rebeccaminkoff.com. All the headsets were sold out online, but a few can still be obtained from retail stores.

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With this headset, users will get the opportunity to watch the final walk of the Fall 2015 Show of Rebecca Minkoff.

How to Watch the Runway Show?

Once you buy the Google Cardboard headset, you have to assemble the headset. It will take less than a minute. You can then download the show in your iPhone or Android phone, put the phone in your cardboard headset and in an instant, be transported in the virtual fashion show.

You won’t be able to get the actual feel of the fashion show if you watch it passively. You have to move your head up and down to see the runway along with the audience. You will see photographers in rows clicking pictures of the models who are walking down the ramp, hear the music and watch people in the audience whispering to each other.

Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff, said in an email statement “When we filmed our runway show in VR, you could count the handful of professionally-made VR experiences available for the iPhone on one hand.” He said “We’re the first fashion brand to democratize access to VR by making it available to our audience at home, or anyone who has a Google Cardboard headset. The great thing about our platform is that it doesn’t require a super-expensive computer. For $20, you can put your phone into a cardboard headset and be transported to the front row at our fashion row.”

A Fashionable Version of Google Cardboard

The Minkoff headset is a fashionable version of the Google Cardboard headset. Google was one of the first companies to make the VR experience a simple and easily accessible one. They developed this simple, cheap cardboard headset that is easy to assemble and works with a smartphone.

The fashion brand has worked with VR company Jaunt, to develop this runway video. The Rebecca Minkoff film is the first to show virtual reality on a runway. However, Jaunt has also worked with other companies in the fashion world.

The fashion brand will now wait for the technology to enter mainstream and for other brands to catch up. According to Uri Minkoff, they are going to come back in a few months with an even better VR experience for their customers.

What’s your thought?

What do you think about the VR fashion show? Will you watch it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – ebay.com

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