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Seene App Lets You Scan Your Face in a Virtual World

Seene App Lets You Scan Your Face in a Virtual World

Facial scanning technology is gradually becoming popular. With virtual reality taking off, we will be spending lot of time in the virtual environments and using avatars. You can easily become anything or anybody with different avatars. However, using your own avatar and roaming in a VR world would make things more interesting. Now, with the updated Seene app from Obvious Engineering, you will be able to use your smartphone and scan your face in less than 30 seconds. The app which is available now can capture, share and apply 3D content in real time right on your Android or iOS phone.

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The Seene App

The app was launched in 2013 and lets users scan objects and other scenes with a 3D effect. Over time, gradual improvements were made to enhance the app functionalities. A mode has been added that lets the users view the scans in virtual reality using a cardboard. In the next few months, when the updated app releases, it will become even more amazing.

The updated app is scheduled to release in fall 2015 and will let you scan your face quickly and import it into a game and in the virtual reality world.

Future Plans

Obvious Engineering CEO, Andrew McPhee, said the company has “inked [their] first major games deal,” with an “AAA gaming company,” that will launch in third quarter of 2015. Apart from the first deal, the company will also team up with gaming and VR companies to “introduce character and avatar personalization to existing and upcoming experiences.”

The scan won’t just be a normal one. The CEO said “we’re combining the 3D face capture data with a rigged model to power expression, speech and animation.”

Apart from scanning just faces, the Seene app will also bring full 360 degree object scanning.

Not A New Technology

The app does not depend on any external hardware. It only uses the camera that is already integrated in the phone. What’s impressive is that the front camera works properly to scan the face, despite having a lower resolution than the back camera.

The technology is consumer ready and works in a simple manner. The face scan is accurate and even if your background is busy, it works perfectly.

As the smartphone and VR market continues to grow, more sensors will be found in many phones which can be used for scanning. We can hope that in the future, you will be able to play VR games using your own avatars.

What do you think?

Do you think by using your own avatars, VR games will become more interesting? Have you used the Seene app earlier? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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