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PS4 Game, The Playroom Moves from Augmented to Virtual Reality

PS4 Game, The Playroom Moves from Augmented to Virtual Reality

In 2013, Sony released an augmented reality game, The Playroom for its PlayStation 4. The game came pre-loaded on PS4 where miniature robots were projected into the living room of the players. With the camera of the gaming console, players could interact with them, by flicking, kicking or cradling them as they skip and shy away. With the impending release of Project Morpheus in 2016, Sony is now moving this game from augmented reality to virtual reality. The demo of the game in virtual reality was given at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) by Nicolas Doucet, from Sony Japan Studio, the company responsible for developing The Playroom.

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Playing in Virtual Reality

By bringing a virtual DualShock 4 controller in the virtual reality surroundings of Project Morpheus, players will be able to immerse in the virtual experience. It will also help in giving the players a useful reference point.

Doucet showed in a technical presentation of the Morpheus how the company has been experimenting with the PS4 controller in a VR environment. This includes augmenting the controller in virtual reality so that it can work beyond its real world capability. Doucet is a producer at Sony Japan Studio’s internal development department.

In the demo, it was shown how the Morpheus headset, PlayStation Camera and DualShock 4 can be used together to transform PS4 controller into a set of motorcycle handlebars, a robot-launching device or even a flying ship.

Demos to Explore the Working of DualShock 4 in VR

Sony Japan Studio has created a set of demos which explore how DualShock 4 can work in VR. Other demos concentrate on using the touchpad of the controller.

One demo showed players being placed in a dark room where they can swipe the touchpad in a downward motion and pull the virtual light switches. They can also swipe right and left to open sliding doors. Players looking for throwing things like pizzas, basketballs, etc, can do so with an upward flicking motion. Normal doors can be opened with a pulling apart motion.

Doucet said that players can easily explore their environment by using the motion sensing and light bar of DualShock 4. He added that there is no requirement for the players to interact with one-to-one recreation of the DualShock 4 in VR.

In another demo, jet engines were sprouted from the handles, by the virtual controller. A player was seen to fly a winged version of the gamepad between hurdles and through rings. Another demo, showed the controller acting as a door that opened and revealed a Playroom robot that showed up and stood on the controller. Players will feel the robot to be more realistic as it keeps eye contact.

The Playroom might turn out to be more interesting with virtual reality. Until the Project Morpheus, we won’t be able to experience playing it in PlayStation 4.

What do you think?

Do you think The Playroom will become more interesting in virtual reality than it was in augmented reality? Did you play this game in AR? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – youtube.com

Article Source – slashgear.com

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