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5 Best Practices for Brands while Using Virtual Reality

5 Best Practices for Brands while Using Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is increasingly being used by advertisers to promote their products to the consumers in an immersive way. However, brands should know how to implement this technology in their campaign so that they can get the best out of it. It must be known that the technology is still growing and flexibility is required from the production and planning point of view. There are some things which the advertisers should be aware of before they jump into the virtual reality advertising bandwagon.

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Here we have listed out 5 best practices which brands should follow when using virtual reality for their campaigns.

  • Brand Strategy

Like every other marketing campaign, it is necessary to create a strategy which goes with your brand. You must answer questions like what your brand is about and how can virtual reality help in taking your brand ahead.

Without a strategy in hand, even the most advanced technology will be of no use for your brand.

  • Technology in Use

Using the right specifications is necessary to provide the desired VR effect to the users. A powerful processor which can support the experience from a graphical point of view is essential. Motion sickness is one of the most common problems of VR. So, it is necessary you provide the users with the best possible VR experience which leads them to see the views and motion that their minds are anticipating. This means the processor and FPS should be quick enough to keep up with the user’s eye and create an experience which does not evade his/her normal response.

  • Do not just Restrict to Visuals

If you want to provide your users with a completely immersive experience, you should not just restrict to visuals. You should also consider factors like tactile scenic elements, sound design and 4D components like artificial wind, vibration, etc. So, instead of just using VR for the sake of it, you should incorporate these factors so that you can provide context to the users.

  • Be Ready to Face any Unexpected Events

Once you have the VR headset and start giving trials with the technology, you should be ready to face any unexpected events. It may so happen that the sensors used in the VR device do not work properly. You should be ready to face such situations and debug them at the earliest.

  • Invest Wisely

When you are thinking of reaching out to your consumers with VR headsets, you should think about your investments. Make the installation in such a way so that it reaches to maximum number of people. For this you need to optimize the location. You should also know that as your costs add up, you might need to reduce the number of active installations and hence manage how many users can participate.

Once you are done with all these steps, you need to keep in mind that the appeal of your installation should be such that people are eager to take part in it and share it with their friends. This will help promote your brand in a better way.


Do you want to use virtual reality for promoting your brand?  Do you think it has the potential to draw people’s attention? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – redorbit.com

Article Source – venturebeat.com

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